The Top 8 Must-See Museums In The World That You Should See

The Top 8 Must-See Museums In The World That You Should See

There is something about museums that we just love and there are hundreds and hundreds of museums around the world. This means there is no shortage of museums for you to check out, but you’ll want to know what some of the best ones are. We have put together a list of the top eight museums around the world and what they are known for. With that said, continue to read on to find out what museums made it onto our list.

NYC: The Museum of Modern Art

Located in New York City is the Museum of Modern Art, which is also known as the MoMa.

Some of the most popular artworks in the world can be found here, including work from artists such as Warhol, Van Gogh and Matisse to name a few. The museum is massive, so be prepared to spend a few hours there.

Paris: Musée du Louvre

If there is only one attraction you have time to see in Paris, make sure it is the Musee du Louvre museum. It is one of the top museums in the world. It doubles as both a museum and a palace. While inside there, you’ll have the chance to view Egyptian relics, sculptures and many antiquities from the Mesopotamian period.

Vatican City: Vatican Museums

When you find yourself in Italy, do head over to Vatican City. The Vatican Museums houses many high quality artworks, and this includes a number of statues. The museums houses gorgeous paintings too.

London UK: The Design Museum

The Design Museum in London is fairly new, as it opened for business back at the end of 2016.

This is this is the place to visit if you’re a fan of contemporary design. There is an array of exhibitions, both permanent and temporary that you can check out while there.

Madrid: Prado Museum

One of the best museums in the world is the Prado Museum in Madrid. The museum is well-known for its collections of European art, especially art from the 12th century. You’ll have the chance to view a number of Flemish and Italian pieces, as well as paintings from some of the best known artists of all time, including Bosch and Titian to name a few.

Florence: Galleria degli Uffizi

In Florence Italy is where you’ll find the Galleria degli Uffizi art museum. It has been designated as a museum since 1865 and it is one of the most visited attractions in the city, as well as one of the most popular art museums in the world. If you want to view amazing pieces of art, then make sure you check out the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence.

Zagreb: Museum of Broken Relationships

Over in Croatia is where you’ll find a unique, but popular museum. It is called the Museum of Broken Relationships. The displays you’ll find here are unique because a love story accompanies them, hence the name. If you ever find yourself in Zagreb, then do be sure to pay a visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships.

Stockholm: Vasa Museum

This museum is housed in a ship that has been preserved. The ship sank back in 1628, but was rebuilt and turned into a museum. It is now one of the most unique and popular museums in the world.

Each of those museums are unique in their own way and houses amazing pieces of work. If you ever get the chance to visit any of the above museums, then make sure you do. Compare each one and do additional research before deciding which museum you’ll visit first. However, you can’t go wrong with visiting any of them.

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