The Six Best Honeymoon Destinations

The Six Best Honeymoon Destinations

Trying to decide where to go on your honeymoon? These six destinations are all very popular.


Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it is also the location of a number of popular resorts. Needless to say, there are a lot of people that opt to come here for their honeymoon.

Hawaii is in the United States, which means that honeymooners won’t have to worry about having an up-to-date passport before they travel. It also has a lot of sights to see. This is a wonderful place for people that want to soak up some sun, but it’s also a great destination for people that are passionate about wildlife or history.


Mexico has warm weather year-round, which makes it a great destination in the winter. Of course, people also choose to visit Mexico because the country has a lot of affordable resorts. If the budget for your honeymoon is tight, you’ll find that you can really expand your options if you go to Mexico.

You don’t have to be wealthy to have a lovely honeymoon. A lot of travelers are able to have stunning vacations in this country without spending much at all. Mexico is a fairly large country, and different parts of Mexico can offer a very different experience.


This country is known for its food and its music, but it’s also a beautiful place to be. If you look at photos from honeymoons in Jamaica, you’ll be able to see exactly why so many couples decide to go here.

This is a romantic country that is perfect for photos. It’s a very popular tourist destination, and there are all kinds of resorts in the area. In fact, there are even some resorts that are only for couples. If you’re looking for a stunning place to get away from it all, why not try this country?


There are so many countries in Europe, and many of these countries border each other. Because of this, travelers that honeymoon in Europe will have the opportunity to visit a number of places on a single trip. If you go to Europe, you can spend time in France, Spain, Italy, and plenty of other countries.

Europe is beautiful, and it’s filled with historical sights. If you’re looking for a honeymoon option that won’t require you to lounge on a beach, this might be the place that you want to travel to.


Like Europe, Asia is fairly large. However, most of the people that do opt to visit Asia wind up limiting themselves to one specific country. You could honeymoon in Thailand, or you could spend all of your time in Japan. You could even take a honeymoon in Singapore.

A lot of Asian countries are known for their food. If you intend to indulge yourself while you’re away, then you’ll love eating at some of the restaurants here. You’ll also want to try street food. A lot of this food is extremely affordable, but the quality of the food is sky high!


Another option for a domestic honeymoon is to visit California. California is home to both Disneyland and Hollywood, which are both popular with tourists. It’s also a warm state, which is why a lot of people that live in colder climates choose to come here. Taking a vacation in California usually isn’t very expensive, and it’s a nice place to be throughout the year.

If you don’t know where you would like to go on your honeymoon, consider the options above. Every one of these destinations has a lot to offer.

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